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Cause analysis of oxidation of lubricating oil
Class: News Date: 2016/5/28 11:36:17
Lubricating oil is produced by the oxidation of lubricating oil oxidation, internal chemical composition of oxygen increased, the molecular weight increases, the hydrocarbons into non hydrocarbon compounds; the color becomes dark, precipitation increased, corrosion resistance increases, the performance of the decline. That's why we have to replace the lubricating oil regularly.
Its oxidation in addition to its own chemical composition, but also with the use of the conditions are closely related, such as temperature, air pressure or the size of oxygen partial pressure, the catalytic effect of the contact metal, etc..
Among them, a very important factor is the catalytic effect of metal. Practice has proved that many metals have a catalytic effect on the oxidation of lubricating oil, commonly used in the metal, copper on the catalytic role of the oil is greater, especially when there is water there is more obvious. The main reason for the catalytic action of metal is to cause the decomposition of peroxide to generate free radicals, which can accelerate the oxidation reaction.