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To know that: the role of lubricating oil is not only lubrication
Class: News Date: 2016/5/28 11:37:06
80% the main role of the lubricating oil in the equipment is to reduce friction and reduce wear and tear. But the role of the lubricating oil is not only lubrication, but also the following role:
1, cooling
Liquid lubricating oil flows through the hot work piece surface, taking away the heat produced by the friction and heat generated by the equipment, reduce the heating up of the equipment, and make the equipment operate normally.
2, seal
In an internal combustion engine lubricating oil by the piston and the cylinder seal, the combustion chamber to achieve sufficient compression pressure can occur, enough power in sealed vacuum pump and compressor lubricating oil to ensure normal work plays an important role.
3, anti-corrosion
Oil in the equipment of the metal surface covering oil film, isolation of air, water and corrosive media, so that equipment in the short term to get protection, even if there is no anti rust agent lubricating oil, there are short-term anti rust properties.
4, insulation
The resistance of lubricating oil is large, can be used as insulation oil.
5, kinetic energy transfer
Lubricating oil is an incompressible liquid, which can be used in hydraulic system.
6, shock absorption
When the friction pair is subject to vibration, the lubricating oil can absorb vibration, and the vibration energy can be used as heat energy, and the amplitude is gentle, and can be used for the shock absorber of vehicle segment.
7, cleaning
Through the circulation of lubricating oil in the equipment, the equipment inside the production or outside into the particulate debris, and then by the filter to filter out, keep the equipment clean and smooth flow of the system.