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Antifreeze manufacturers: excellent thermal conductivity of automotive antifreeze
Class: News Date: 2016/5/28 11:37:33
Because the automobile antifreeze excellent thermal conductivity characteristic, is more effective than traditional coolant in harsh environment of the excess calories derived, because it is not water, water vapor, so greatly reduces the local overheating of the combustion chamber, thereby improving the combustion efficiency of the engine and the heat balance in less oil supply situation next, to achieve the same power output.
No heat barrier layer caused by steam, can balance the temperature inside the engine effectively and timely, keep the liquid and the metal surface has been effective contact, make the engine without overheating due to overheating of the engine, eliminate detonation, pre problem, improve the combustion rate of engine heat balance and, therefore, enhance the power and reduce the fuel consumption, reduce engine noise and reduce emissions. To enhance the overall performance of the engine.